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Grassboots.Org Exclusive:

After Filing Lawsuit Against Swift Boat Veterans, Kerry Campaign and Democrat Headquarters Found to Have Hosted 

(MoveOn.Org) "Phone Banking Party at Headquarters"

The following was found on a

Democrat Headquarters Website:

May 8 Phone Banking Party at Headquarters!   

"Help us as we make calls to swing state voters.  Spearheaded by, you will need to bring your cell phone, as the premise of the call party is to use free weekend minutes and cell long distance to call swing state voters.  Calling will take place from 5-7 pm.  Follow this link to sign up for the phone banking party:"

But That's Not All:

All Kinds of Other Official Democratic Party Groups Have Been Promoting Those Nasty Ole' 527s

Young Democrats of America - Create "Alliance" With Moveon.Org

 National Democrat Headquarters Site Links to Moveon.Org

Virginia Democrat District HQ Promotes Moveon.Org


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In Addition, Others have documented the following additional links of interest showing the ties:


DNC Womens Group and Moveon.Org  (Original Source)

Petition Drive Co-Sponsored by Dems & Moveon.Org



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